I am delighted that I could help facilitate the screening of  “Arias with a Twist”: The Docufantasy at The Three Dollar Bill Cinemas : Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival- October 16th at The Egyptian Theater. This film Premièred at The Berlin Film Festival in January and was screened at the Tribecca Film Festival in May. I am so excited to have it here in Seattle this Fall while Joey Arias and Eliot Douglas are making their annual “Strange Fruit” appearance at The Triple Door October 12th, as part of my Gilded Stage season. Joey will be staying on to attend the screening and participate in a Q & A after the film.

“Arias with a Twist”: The Docufantasy is about the collaboration of Joey Arias and Basil Twist , and their creation of the International Award winning stage production “Arias with a Twist” and a biography of the artist themselves.  The film was made by my friend Bobby Sheehan of Working Pictures, and it is his “ love letter to the arts and to the creative spirit that endures in artists like Joey Arias and Basil Twist”.  Bobby grew up on New York City’s Lower East Side in the 70’s with his single teen Mom and knows the courage of people living outside the box first hand. “Arias with a Twist” : The Docufantasy  “ is a tribute to all those people who somehow survive, create, entertain and inspire despite, or maybe because of, what life throws their way.”

Please enjoy this trailer from the documentary:

More information will be available about cross promotional tickets for these events soon.

This beautiful poster was made by Scott Ewalt.