Last year Waxie Moon was attending one of my Moomin Fort parties and he was so smitten with Moonin Fort that he wanted to do an Artist Residence in it.  An e-mail was sent out about it and nothing really came of it, until this year.  Earlier this Spring Honeysuckle Hype needed a place to workshop her new piece “ Eat Your Heart Out! “ and I offered up my living room. I figured if we could rehearse the dancing sequences for “House of Thee UnHoly”, and if Joey Arias, Justin Bond and John Kelly could rehearse their shows in my living room, why not have an on going Artist in Residence!

It was lovely to come home and see Ms. Hype in various states of undress and have conversations with her about where she was at in her creative process and kibbitz about the editing process of her piece, and giving a little feed back here and there (when asked for). Her show has legs and was quite well received on Kickstarter where she was fully funded. She has gone on to perform it is several cities and I feel like an Art parent.

The third Artist in Residence is Scotty The Blue Bunny who is my first live in resident, he has been here since May 28th and is working on his show that debuts in my new “Thee Wild Herring Cabaret “ series at West Hall July 10th. As you can imagine home life has been …. very amplified. The Rabbit plays the violin beautifully and is quite chatty in the morning which I am not…  But that is domestic stuff that no one wants to hear about.

Who knows maybe this year Waxie Moon will fulfill his residency in Moomin Fort with a beautiful dance.  I really enjoy having creative people in my home working on their creative process, it is satisfying and rewarding, and gives a whole new dimension to the house and what a house can be.

I Love this video that Honeysuckle Hype made during her residency.