It was so much fun last year , we are doing it again and just in time for the Holiday Gift Giving Season!

Our Horn of Plenty is filled with the inexhaustible and celebratory talents of an All Star Studded Seattle cast!! Hand plucked by The Swedish Housewife from various creative Seattle communities collectively making one heck of a cross pollinated line up as never seen before and never to be seen again!

For one night only!!!!  The Basements, Lushy, and The Witness will be doling out the soul filled beats and accompanying the various talents of Aerialist and Rope Artist – Martha Enson, The Temptress from Taipei – The Shanghai Pearl, The Man! The Myth! The Mustache ! – Ernie Von Schmaltz, A Modern Heathen of The Burlesque World- Iva Handfull, The Swedish Housewife and Bertie, with Special Guest Vocalists- Barbara Ireland and Mark Pickerel of The Praying Hands and The Tripwires. Co hosted by Kaleb Hagan Kerr and The Swedish Housewife.

This event will benefit Treehouse‘s “Little Wishes Program”*. As Performing artists and musicians we will be purchasing as many Dance Classes and Music Lessons as possible with the funds raised. We are also seeking volunteers for Teaching as well donations of functional Musical Instruments, please contact The Swedish Housewife directly about this

Bring your Check Book and Cash! You will have plenty of opportunities to GIVE to Treehouse!
Treehouse is a 501(c)(3) organization; 100% of all check and cash donations are tax deductible, ticket sales are not. We will be joined by a representative from Treehouse who will be collecting all cash and check donations at the event.

*All performers will receive a small honorarium for their participation in this event, as artists need financial support too!