Can’t sleep at night as you ponder who Waxie Moon (as King Neptune) will crown as the first ever Royal Sea Urchin on August 7th at The Triple Door during The First Annual Seafarer Follies?!

What does it take to be The Royal Sea Urchin?

Style, Poise, Grace and Eloquence as “The One who wears the Crown” will have Royal Duties throughout Our Little Fishing Village during their one-year reign.

What are the Duties of The Royal Sea Urchin?

The Royal Sea Urchin will carry the Sprit of Summer for four seasons,  making appearances at major arts events and festivities, be the Spokespersons and Representative of this Alternative Summertime Celebration.

Duties Thus Far Include:

Pressing the Official Clock for 14/48 ” The Worlds Quickest Theater Festival” in January

Opening The Moisture Festival with an official blessing

Cutting The Ribbon to start The Solstice Parade

Who Qualifies to Compete?

Any human over the age of 21

Come dressed to the 9 Fathoms in your most outrageous Nautical, Aquatic, Flyboy, Flygirl, Sailor, Sea Captain, Mermaid, Merman, or “you make it up” costume to win prizes and the prestigious year-long title of Royal Sea Urchin!

What will you have to do in the competition?

Come walk the stage on either Friday or Saturday night and say “Hello” to your adoring Court

You will be scored by our panel of Local Celebrity Judges!

El Vez–  The Mexican Elvis

Lily Verlaine – The Living Breathing Work of Art

Maque Davis – Producer of The Freemont Solstice Parade

Scotty The Blue Bunny – Yes!!! He lives here now!

More to come…..

Three contestants from Friday night will be invited back Saturday evening for the final selection and Crowing of  “The Royal Sea Urchin”.

Please e-mail  to register yourself to compete on either night.

May the Lucky Star Fish be with you!