I was living in Fort Greene Brooklyn on September 11, 2001, I hardly ever talk about that day and for an opinionated and outspoken person like myself that is saying a lot.

What I want to share about that day nine years ago, is that it’s magnitude and horror just became surreal to me and affirmed that deep down I am a pacifist. I would never wish upon anyone else what I saw or felt that day or the trying days that followed. Through that event I understood just a portion of what others have been victim too and I was humbled.

I turned off my TV that morning as the spin doctors began to weave the web we are entangled in now. Nine years later the ripple effects of this man made disaster has created a Tsunami of Hate and Fear.

That day I chose not to watch in person what I knew only had one possible out come. Instead I went home and sat in silence and begged the universe to let it end here and now. No more Hate, No more War. These are flames I will not feed. Put Love out to this world today and carry hope in your heart. It’s a great day to remember all the beauty this life brings!

I was moved by this story in the New York Times today “Muslims and Islam Were Part of Twin Towers’ Life”. It seems many Americans have lost site that American Muslims suffered loss that day too, we all need to heal!