Autumn is here in all it’s Orange! Yellow! And Red Beauty!                                                                                                                                                                                  The curtain of multilayered grey and rain is falling upon us as we quickly move towards that season where families gather and feasts are made. I don’t know about the rest of you, but the holidays have always been a source of stress and anxiety for me, so I love to focus on something else… and what could be a better diversion than putting ones love and effort into the supportive and caring organization Treehouse, who do so much for children in the greater Seattle area who live in Foster Care.

This is the second year that I have encouraged my peers in the performing and music community to join me in doing what we can to reach out to the young creative souls in our region. We may not be able to foster these young people on a daily basis with roofs over their heads or with food in their mouths, but I am delighted we can foster their creative beings with the humble and mostly anonymous gift of a semester or dance music class.

It feels very personal or is it intimate, to reach out and support or inspire creativity in a young human who may very well feel alone or isolated in a world where so much is unknown. Fostering a creative skill could provide a young person with a foundation within this young human that exists nowhere else, and be a comfort, as we could never understand. So the long and short of it is please come out and support our fundraiser at The Triple Door next week in what ever way you can.

I am currently working on facilitating a gifting program of instruments or the donation of teaching skills to the Little Wishes Program that directly addresses the creativity of these young people in our community who live in Foster Care. If this is of interest to you please write me via so I can help direct your contribution of equipment or your very valuable time to the correct channels. Please research Treehouse as there are many opportunities to support this wonderful organization.

I want to thank in advance my fellow participants in this years event, Kurt Bloch, Jim and Johnny Sangster, Carmella, Drew Church, The Basements, The Shanghai Pearl, Annabella Kirby and Lushy, Maggie Savarino, Kaleb Hagen-Kerr and The Witness, Martha Enson, Belle Cozette, Ernie Von Schmaltz, Iva Handfull, Barbra Ireland, Mark Pickerel, Heather Mayhew, Lydia McLane, Liz Cortez, Wiggy Stardust, Gil Bar-Sela, Bertie! and of course The Triple Door!!!

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