I find it very exciting that Burlesque is bouncing off the stage and onto the silver screen as well as hitting the printing press!

Historically this is not new news, as Gypsy Rose Lee’s book “The G String Murders” was adapted to the screen in “Lady of Burlesque” starring Barbara Stanwyck and was nominated for an Oscar back in 1944. But currently there are several documentaries being made about the History of Burlesque as a well as the modern continuation of the art form.

What I am enjoying about all these films and books is that each one has a voice unique to the performer or the region where they come from. Burlesque is more diverse today than it has ever been and the beauty of that is there is something for every one to enjoy.

There is no right way it should be done. That is an opinion (and believe me I have opinions, but that is another blog…) Art is Art, it is beyond opinion. You can take it or leave it, what matters is that you find the Art that appeals to you and that you support it!

But I digress; all these documentaries that are coming out collectively create a wonderful overview of the International Burlesque Explosion! I hope for more documentaries on the historical aspect of Burlesque, as so many of the Ladies and Gentlemen who have been a part of the legacy of Burlesque are still alive and we have a golden opportunity to hear their stories before they move on to the great stage in the sky.

Not all the films coming out are documentaries, some Feature Films feature the Stars of our community, like … Dirty Martini, Julie Atlas Muz, Immodesty Blaize, Waxie Moon, Scotty The Blue Bunny, Miss Indigo Blue, Lily Verlaine and so on… while others have Film Industry Stars Burlesquing us… ; )

What you should see:


“Behind The Burly Q” Written and Directed by Leslie Zemeckis

“ a Wink and a Smile” Written and Directed by Deirdre Timmons

“Dirty Martini and the New Burlesque” Directed by Gary Beeber

“Burlesque Undressed” Directed by Alison Grist

“Waxie Moon” Directed by Wes Hurley

“Pretty Things” Director Liz Goldwyn

“Velvet Hammer Burlesque” Directed by Augusta

“Broad Daylight” Directed by John Michael McCarthy and Victoria Renard

Feature Films:

“Tournée” aka “On Tour” Directed by
Mathieu Amalric

“Burlesque” Directed by Steven Antin
We are all waiting to see what this is all about….

Short Bus” by John Cameron Mitchell

The Printing Press:

The United States of Americana” by Kurt B Reighley

“The Burlesque Handbook” by Jo Weldon aka Jo Boobs

“Burlesque and the New Bump-n-Grind” by Michelle Baldwin

There are more films and books to add to this list but this is my jab at it tonight. Go rent some movies and buy some books!