Image courtesy of the author Karen Abbott

It’s been a busy week with more pre production for the Gypsy Rose Lee Centennial event, another event I’m not quite ready to let out of the bag yet, and my day work. But…!  I have managed to read as much as I can of the advance copy of American Rose , A Nation Laid Bare : The Life and Times of Gypsy Rose Lee, before I sadly had to pass it off to Sarah Rundinoff last night to take with her on her travels home for the holidays to Hawaii. Sarah will be preparing for her reading for the January 8th show when not catching up with family and basking her pretty face in the the sun on the beaches of her beloved Kauai.

I’ve really been enjoying reading American Rose, clearly it has been painstakingly and lovingly researched. Karen Abbott is really taking me there with the “rose” colored glasses off. I’ve been on an adventure through Gypsy’s early years in Vaudeville, her nutty ass family and her start in Burlesque. I appreciate it’s grittiness and that Karen is not glossing over various unsavory details of Gypsy Rose Lee’s life which only ups to her mystique if you ask me. It adds insight and respect for Gypsy Rose Lee’s ability and talent to craft a persona that has been elevated to Legend. Try doing that today in this modern day world of transparency, Wikileaks and Online Reputation Management ( but that is another blog), seems the only thing transparent about Gypsy were her costumes …

It’s frustrating that I am a slow reader with a busy schedule, I’m in such suspense about the up and coming chapters in the book! I can’t wait to have it come back to me! I’ve had opportunity to speak and correspond via e-mail with Karen Abbott the author and I can’t to meet her when she visits Seattle February 3rd for her book tour, she will be making an appearance at Elliott Bay Books. I’m working Karen’s book American Rose,  into the show I am producing in honor of Gypsy Rose Lee for her 100th Birthday. Karen is being so generous and supportive with images and information for the video presentation that Deirdre Timmons is creating for this special event. The one stumbling block that I am having is that I have yet to find an image of Gypsy Rose Lee that is high enough resolution that can be used for the poster! I’m on pins and needles about it,  time is marching forth and I need to get this promo rolling! Karen has been so kind trying to help me with this conundrum. It’s not easy finding an image from the 1930’s or 40’s that is up to today’s technical needs of graphic design when you want to create a poster….

Karen Abbott

image courtesy of the author