Dear Earthlings,

I hope this transmission finds you well. Since my landing on your Blue Planet January 15th at Mezzo Lunatico, The Moon Maiden Stardust , Earth Probe DD Sputnik and I have been exploring your Green Village by the water, we find you quite humorous and are puzzled by your obsession with Love and the rituals that come with it. We do not understand the connection of grooming toe nails and going out. What is the connection with St. Valentine and your emotion Love? The information we have gathered about this day tells us about killing wolves in Rome and the killing of Italian men with guns in Chicago on this day. Are Italian men wolves? We will further investigate this topic on February 19th with the next specimens we have collected from the time capsule we found in our crater on on home Moon.

The Moon Maven

February 19 Mezzo Lunatico !

Lily Verlaine – The Living Breathing Work of Art

Poppy Daze – Returning to your village after eight months on the continent of Europe. She’s no flounder ! But the Founder of The Original Aerial Girl Gang! The Aerialistas !

Cherdonna and Lou – An alien force landed in Capitol Hill’s Oddfellows Building last winter, when every Friday for seven weeks, a sparkly yet mysterious duo known as The Cherdonna & Lou Show performed an unclassifiable act—a series of skits involving lip syncing, tap syncing, piano syncing,  modern dance and celebrity impressions. It was a cabaret as if performed by extraterrestrials new to the planet. Brangien Davis – Seattle Magazine

Mark Pickerel –  ” Sing[s] with the gloomy conviction of a man holding a bottle in one hand and pistol in the other.” — Mojo

Music Director Michael Musburger

and a few Teatro Zinzanni Surprises!

The Mood Maiden Stardust and Earth Probe DD Sputnik with Seattleites from your Green Village

captured by Christopher Nelson