I am delighted to announce that I have been invited by producer Louise DiLenge to guest curate Mezzo Lunatico at Teatro Zinzanni! My first show is NEXT SATURDAY!!! I have three Mezzo Lunatico shows lined up for you

January 15- Miss Astrid joins in as a cast member and will also co host this event with me.
Queen Shmooquan will be making her triumphant return to the stage after a nine month maternity leave,  Waxie Moon will illuminate us as only he can with his radiant lunar light, The Velones – Martha Enson and Cathy Sutherland will be hanging from the rafters and Teatro Zinzanni will send us a surprise performance and keep your eye open for that sexy man Gerard DeLacroix.
Keeping the beat when the beat box is off are Michael Musburger, Andy Stoller, Jeff Fielder, Ty Bailie, and Galen Green, where do I fit in in all of this? Well, I put this crazy group of Earthlings together and will be debuting my new persona The Moon Maven, if you look to the center of the tent in the air you will find me. I will be joined by my Lunar companions, The  Moon Maiden Stardust and Earth Probe D D Sputnik.

Here are a few tasty meteors to wet your appetite for whats down the Milky Way!

February 19– We will be joined by Poppy Daze who will just be returning from her 8 month European tour, The Dynamic Award Winning Duo ~ Cherdonna and Lou, and a few other hot things I will spring on you soon!

March 19Joey Arias and I will take you on an Intergalactique Late Night Romp as never seen before !

This show is 21+ and you must have you ID to enter