She flies by her hair with the greatest of ease ….. Fancy Chance !  Korean born, adopted by a family in the Pacific Northwest,  which is where I first met her in 2001 when I moved back to Seattle from NYC.  She is one of the most beautiful, well dressed, irreverent women I know… and a little bit angry, but that anger feeds her art, and she has been supporting herself with her artistic bodily talents for years.

When did you start in Burlesque?

Who inspired or inspires you in Burlesque ?
Dirty Martini, John Waters, Divine, Diane Arbus, Marlene Dumas, Dusty Limits, David Hoyle, Phyllis Diller, Joan Rivers

What have you contributed to Burlesque ?
I was in the first neo burlesque “queer” troupe called BurlyQ: A Queer Cabaret started up by Indigo Blue and had a satellite troupe of BurlyQ in London.  We did one of the first neo burlesque run of shows in Europe.  I also think I invented a new way of tassel twirling.

Create a new word or share one that you use for the Burlesque slang dictionary along with its definition.
Panic Pee:  Just before a show when you have to pee because of nerves but know that if you take your costume off to do so it’ll be a massive ordeal.


Share one of your favorite images of yourself in your Burly Persona, with a photo credit.

ILYB5 Fancy Chance hi-res RGB (copright Justin David)

Image by Justin David