Bambi The Mermaid is not your average Chicken of The Sea, and she has the most astounding costumes related to the Sea to prove it. I could have booked an entire show just with her, but you will only get to see two of her delightful Sea Crustaceans at The Seafarer Follies this year… too bad we don’t have a tank on the stage.  This stunning photo by Andrew Brusso is a little preview (though she’s not wearing so much of her costume any more in it) of what you can expect August 6th and 7th at The Triple Door. This photo was taken at the former home of Dixie Evans in Helebdale CA, known to us Burlesque geeks as “Exotic World” where we used to trundle out to before the Burlesque Hall of Fame Museum, Pageant and Dixie were moved to Las Vegas in 2005.