House of Thee UnHoly
A 90 minute epic psychedelic 70’s trip of nonstop sex, drugs and rock & roll, this collaborative production draws from a kaleidoscopic disciplinary range of virtuoso actors, singers, musicians, and talented modern, ballet and burlesque dancers. The incredibly accomplished cast of 22 vanguard contributors each bring unique magic to this landmark rock-lesque extravaganza that has been produced four times.
“Broadway Level Burlesque”- The Seattle Weekly


2011 Mezzo Lunatico at Teatro Zinzanni 

January 15 – Mezzo Cabaret with the Moon Maven and special guest Miss Astrid

February 19 – Mezzo Cabaret with the Moon Maven and a variety of guests

March 19 – An Intergalactique late night romp with Joey Arias

April 23 –  An Easter Eve Revival

2010 The Gilded Stage  The Triple Door 

March 18 – Justin Bond “Angle of The Morning”

March 23 – Immodesty Blaize “Burlesque Undressed”

April 17 –  “My Mid-Centry Modern Cabaret”

June 19 –  John Kelly in “Paved Paradise” The songs of Joni Mitchell

August 6 and 7 –   “The Seafarer Follies”

October 12 –  Joey Arias and Eliot Douglass in “Strange Fruit ”

December 1-  Cornucopia Cabaret

2010 – Thee Wild Herring Cabaret ~ not your mamma’s neo-cabaret shows at West Hall 

May 5 – Joey Arias and Sherry Vine in Looking Back At The Future

July 10 – Scotty The Blue Bunny

October 23  – Our Lady J

2009- Season of the Witch at The Triple Door
March 29 – Justin Bond – “Rite of Spring” More Songs for the Neo Pagan Revolution

April 23 and 24- The Celebration of “She”- Fundraisers for the Keep-A-Breast Foundation and The Burlesque Hall of Fame

June 25 and 26- Pagan Place- ” A Midsommars Night Cabaret”

September 16, 17, and 18 – House of Thee UnHoly #3 – The Rocklesque Extravaganza!

October 20- Joey Arias and Eliot Douglass in “Strange Fruit”

November 19 – Thee Cornucopia Cabaret for Treehouse ” Little Wishes Program”

2008 – Still Falling Down Memory Lane at The Triple Door
“5 shows celebrating “21” years of staggeringly delightful entertainment”

April 9th – Joey Arias in “Strange Fruit” channeling Billie Holiday with Eliot Douglass on piano

June 25th – “Everything but the Kitchen Sink (or not) Cabaret” An eclectic evening plucked from “21” years of programming.

August 13- “An Evening with Ann Magnuson”

October 8 – “House of The UnHoly” #2 an evening Rocklesque!

December 10- John Kelly in Paved Paradise : Redux

2008- “ Live Greasy Entertainment” 
a series of 4 shows for the final Sundays at the original Pony.
– Pony

2002- 2007 “This “IS” Burlesque” 1 – 9

Featured 100’s of Burlesque performers including Miss Indigo Blue, Fancy Chance, Lulu The Sailor Girl, Burly Q, Miss Clara Bo, Candy Whiplash, Vienne LaRouge, Ernie Von Schmaltz, Ultra Vixen, Jo Jo Stiletto, The Von Foxies, and introduced Seattle audiences to The World Famous BoB, Dirty Martini and Kitten DeVille
– The Catwalk


“Orchestra L’Pow! 4 Happenings at The Heavens”
Starring Dirty Martini, Julie Atlas Muz, Little Brooklyn and Tigger!
– The Heavens

“Salon Hiver”
A weekly seasonal gathering with entertainment
– Pension Nichols

“Slice of The Apple a series that featured Harmonica Sunbeam and Adam Goldstone from NYC with locals Kaluha Ice, Shaka Kwan, Topsey von Jekyll, The Gothic Cheerleaders, Slice of The Apple Dancers, Lady Champagne, La Vage, Sheniqua and MC It’s Mark Mitchell

“The Slice of The Apple” Morphed into “This is Burlesque”
– The Catwalk

“Kaftan !”
A weekly event of “kookoo fabulous song stlyings” with It’s Mark Mitchell, Kurt B Reighly, The Swedish Housewife and Victor Noriega tickling the ivories

“Madame Peabody’s Academy of Dance of Wayward Girls and Boys ”
A monthly series of shows featuring Old School Drag by Misty Stevens, Suni Dae, Devistasia, Rosita Ashley O’Day, Jetta, Nina and DJ El Toro with a special appearance by author Don Paulson on opening night Morphed into … “Madame Peabody’s Dance Academy” with show titles like… Icons, Around the World … in 80 ways!, Kuntry Kalvacade, “ A Night of A Thousand Judy’s” It’s Mark Mitchell’s 40th B-day
– The Catwalk – Seattle’s most Historic Basement

1995 – “The S-Wonderful Horrible Live of Lawrence Welk” – Creative Director /Producer
a cabaret variety show re-enacting the classic Lawrence Welk show with a twist, running Fridays and Saturdays for four consecutive weeks. -Kid Mohair

1991-Friday Night Speakers Series Creative Director /Producer
Local artists, writer, politicians and luminaries speak out
-Re Bar Seattle WA


Behind the Pink Door ~ a weekly late night Saturday variety and burlesque cabaret ~  December 2005 through February 2008


2013 Seattle, WA

March 27 – Kings: A Boylesque Extravaganza ~ The Triple Door

2011 Seattle, WA

January 8 – “The Gypsy Rose Lee Centennial Celebration” ~ The Triple Door

2010 Seattle, WA 

The Seafarer Follies Bringing back the long lost Seattle tradition of Art and Community to the annual Seattle Seafair invasion ~ The Triple Door

2009 Seattle, WA
“The Gay Gay Cabaret” Starring Scotty The Blue Bunny
-Re Bar

Seattle Erotic Art Festival– Curator for Live entertainment
-The Seattle Center

2008 Seattle, WA

Valentine’s Burlesque Show at Tom Douglas Palace Ballroom
– Palace Ballroom

Burlesque Hall of Fame Benefit
-The Heavens

2007 Tacoma, WA
“Zooblie” a fundraiser for and at Point Defiance Park Zoo

2006 Seattle, WA

Orchestra L’Pow! at The Beaujolais Nouveau Fete
– Café Campagne

The 25th Anniversary of The Pink Door
-The Pink Door

Orchestra L’Pow! Halloween
-The Emerald Queen Casino, Tacoma WA

2006 NYC, NY

“A Celebration of the life of Adam Goldstone”

“A Benefit for Harmonica Sunbeam” with Adam Goldstone, Willy Ninja and other NYC Luminaries

2005 Seattle,WA

A Benefit for New Orleans Musicians and Performers
-The Catwalk

1996 Seattle, WA

The Valentine Dating Game Show
-Kid Mohair

1994 Seattle, WA

DIFFA ” In Three Dimensions
A Three-day fundraiser with Live Music, Cabaret and DJ’s
-The Ruins

1992 Seattle, WA

” … Unto Them A Drag Queen Was Born”
a celebration of the discovery of the “Percival Pump” a cabaret of ecclesiastical inspiration
-Re Bar

“Safer Sex Cabaret” for BABES
Presented in correlation w/ CoCa’s exhibit “From Media to Metaphor: Art about AIDS
-Re Bar

“Late Night Cabaret Belltown Style”
Belltown Inside Out Festival
-Galleria Pototohead

“Superstar! Be one!” (a cabaret)
A Warholian style evening
-Galleria Pototohead

“One Night Only”
The Jesse Bernstine All – Night All – Star Revue
-Galleria Potatohead

“It’s a Drag! Cabaret” The Night of a Thousand and One Beautiful Ladies and maybe a man…
-La Rive Gauche

“The Beatnik Cabaret” or, “The Night of a Thousand-and-one Beat Poets”.
-La Rive Gauche

1991 Seattle, WA

The Last Cabaret ( of 1991) End of the year Who Ha
-The Crocodile Cafe


2009 Seattle, WA
Joey Arias and Sherry Vine in SINsation! “ A Dirty Dirty Cabaret”
-Re Bar

2009 Las Vegas, NV
The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend:

“Friday Night Legend Showcase”
-The Orleans, Las Vegas

“The Closing Night Gala “
-The Orleans, Las Vegas

2008 Las Vegas, NV
The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend:

“Friday Night Legend Showcase”
-The Palms, Las Vegas

“Miss Exotic World Contest” hosted by Miss Astrid and El Vez
-The Palms, Las Vegas

2007 Seattle

“ Fabulesque Burlesque” with Golden Echo Films
-The Heavens, Seattle

2007 Las Vegas, NV
The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend:

“Friday Night Legend Showcase”
-The Plaza, Las Vegas

“Miss Exotic World Contest” hosted by Miss Astrid and El Vez
-Krave, Las Vegas

2006 Las Vegas, NV
The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend:
“Friday Night Legend Showcase”

“Miss Exotic World Contest” hosted by Margaret Cho and El Vez
-Celebrity, Las Vegas

2005 Seattle, WA

“ East Meets West” an Evening of Nationally and Internationally Renowned Burlesque Stars!
From Tokyo Miss Exotic World 2004, From NYC 2004 Whitney Biennial Artist Julie Atlas Muz
– The Catwalk

2005 Helendale, CA

The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend:

“Friday Night Legends Showcase”
-Sidewinder Room, The Holiday Inn Barstow, CA

2004 Seattle, WA

Club Hubba Hubba – an evening of naughty Burlesque and Vaudeville
-The Catwalk

2002 Seattle, WA

“Club Casanova” Fall Tour Starring – Mo B. Dick
-The Catwalk

“The Gayest Party Evah!”
-The Catwalk

1996 Seattle, WA

“Madam X” – the award winning Film Noir stage play written and directed by Tsilke/Lazlo Pearlman
-Re Bar and Vancouver Fringe Festival – Vancouver BC

1994 Seattle, WA

Greek Actives ” Romeo and Juliet” Directed by Tsilke/Lazlo Pearlman, -The Easy

“ A celebratory Cabaret in honor of the Passing of Michael Norman aka Tanya Ransom”
– Re Bar

1992 Seattle, WA

Joey Arias with Pete Leionen
-The Crocodile Café

John Kelly ” Divine Promiscue (Music While Waging Victory) “ a one man show
-On The Boards

Joey Arias ” Just another August Soiree” with Pete Leionen
-Re Bar

1991 Seattle, WA
Ann Magnuson ” An informal evening of music, video and comedy ”
– CoCa Cabanna

” Joey Arias channels Billie Holiday”
-Re Bar

“Joey Arias Sings the Songs of Billie Holiday”
-Re Bar

1990 Seattle, WA

” Holiday Cheer with Joey Arias” and Pete Leionen
-Re Bar

Joey Arias with Pete Leionen ” Blow off the Income Tax Blues with the songs of Billie Holiday”
-Re Bar

Dickless – Sub Pops all girl grunge band
-Re Bar

1989 Seattle, WA

“Live From Mondo New York” Joey Arias with Celebrity Skins
– The Vogue

1988 Seattle, WA

The Del Rubio Triplets
-The Vogue

“A Night of Love and Sex” Mother Love Bone opens for John Sex
-The Vogue

1987 Seattle, WA

John Sex
-The Vogue

The Fibonaccis
-The Vogue

1981 Seattle, WA

“The Decline of The Roma Empire”
The Romans, Student Nurse, Pronoia neo-gnostic revelation
– Jackson Street Gallery

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