I first laid eyes on Erochia Bamboo in 2004 on the stage at Exotic World in Helendale CA, when she gave her stepping down performance as Miss Exotic World 2003. Dixie Evans referred to Erochia as “The Tokyo Tornado” and for good reason, anyone who has witnessed the sassy quivering of this Japanese beauty in person is damn lucky. The second time I saw her perform was at The New York Burlesque Festival the same year, where she performed her signature act “Anarchy Geisha”, and was swept away once again my her talent, grace and beauty. At 50 she is a force of nature to reckon with.


When did you start in Burlesque?
When I was 19 years old.

Who inspired or inspires you in Burlesque ?
Me self

What have you contributed to Burlesque ?
I believe so! Just keep going to be a burlesque dancer and being myself.  In Kyoto in 1994, I created an event called “Cabaret Night” at Club Metro.

Create a new word for the Burlesque slang dictionary along with its definition.
1.)  O-Nee-san means ” big sister “. In Japanese burlesque Society , we call each other “Nee-san ” or Onee-san” for long years. Burlesque dancer doesn’t matter the ages. Always! 80 years old lady or 20 years old girl ..,whatever her age. we respect each other.
2.) Bamboo shimmy…. It is not a slang, but I would love you to add this.  My original burlesque movement ” whole body shimmy shake like a bamboo leaf!”


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