Jen Ayers


How many years have you been in House of Thee UnHoly? 

This year makes  it #4


Is there anything in the show that has made you nervous in the past or makes you nervous now?

That Miss Indigo Blue’s lemon juice might hit me in the eye


What do you most look forward to in House of Thee UnHoly?

Holding out that high note in “Kashmir” while Lily Verlaine maintains her beautiful pose…


If you could be any character or musical component of the show, who would you be?

The mudshark


If you could be anyone from the ’70s for a day (or a week?), who would it be?

Olivia Newton-John the week she filmed “Grease” with John Travolta


What talent would you most like to have ?

A photographic memory and the ability to spin super fast in a hoop high in the air while doing the splits


What do you appreciate most about your cast members ?

They are fun, open, sometimes naked and don’t mind sharing


What is your idea of happiness?

Walking the beach on a sunny day


What is your idea of misery?

Landing head first in a burr patch


What is your favorite scent ?

Roses (and my Grandma’s lasagne)


If attending an orgy how many people would be the perfect number for you?  

Um, 3. No, 4. No, 6. No, 10. No…oh, I’m blushing…


If you could bring anyone to the show (from the past or the present), who would it be?  Robert Plant


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