Sarah Rudinoff

How many years have you been in House of Thee UnHoly?
This will be my 4th year.


What is your favorite song from the show and why?

I Can’t Quit You Baby is my favorite song to sing-  I love the rhythm on it, it is surprising and can be different each night. Kashmir is my favorite song to listen to. Jen sings the hell out of it and it evokes another world. Lemon Song is my favorite number because, well…you have to see the show but let’s just say you can never have a Lemon Drop martini the same way after experiencing what Indigo serves up.


Is there anything in the show that has made you nervous in the past or makes you nervous now?
It is unbelievable to me that Robert Plant sang all this music live, on his own. It takes three different voices to do justice to his recorded vocals. It is a vocal marathon. So like any singer, I get nervous that I won’t be in good voice. So when everyone is making out backstage, the singers just smile and rub shoulders with people.


What do you most look forward to in House of Thee UnHoly?

Singing with my homegirl Jen Ayers and frolicking with naked dancers in small spaces backstage.


If you could be any character or musical component of the show, who would you be?

I have a little jealousy when the large feather fans come out. I would like to dance with a pair please. (P.S. Do you know someone who could make that happen?)


If you could be anyone from the ’70s for a day (or a week?), who would it be?
Joni Mitchell in Laurel Canyon writing songs or Gilda Radner on the first seasons of SNL.


What talent would you most like to have ?
I would like to be facile with other languages.


What do you appreciate most about your cast members ?
Everyone loves being in the show so the attitude is always positive, supportive and lively.


What is your idea of happiness?
Creating a gap of space between my compulsive desires and acting on them.


What is your idea of misery?
Not being truly known or seen by another human being.


What is your favorite scent ?
I’m from Hawaii and love the smell of fresh pikake and puakenikeni flowers. For my body, I love Tokyo Milk’s Sea Mineral and Cypress.


If attending an orgy how many people would be the perfect number for you?
I know the song goes “one is the loneliest number” but I think I would say one. If others wanted to be there wafting beautiful scents through the room and fiddling with the lighting that would be fine.


If you could bring anyone to the show (from the past or the present), who would it be?

I think 21 Jump Street era Johnny Depp would be comfy sitting at my feet on stage. 


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