Miss Indigo Blue by Chris Blakeley

photo by Chris Blakeley 

Miss Indigo Blue first conceived of “The Lemon Song” act when asked to perform at the book launch party for Ellen Forney’s “I Love Led Zeppelin” comic masterpiece. The act originated as a one-off celebration for a friend that caused a literal splash, but the buzz about the electric and sultry routine ensured it would be back. In the first incarnation of “House of Thee UnHoly”, The Swedish Housewife specifically requested the act, and in subsequent incarnations paired Indigo with powerhouse LeRoi the Girl Boi to reprise the act as a duet. This year’s performance will have a host of brand new surprises… and the biggest ones are very petite indeed! Don’t miss the brand new incarnation of Miss Indigo Blue’s “The Lemon Song” act at the triumphant return of House of the UnHoly.

Purchase tickets for “House of Thee UnHoly” HERE

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