This is my new friend August playing with her band “Only Girls Allowed” at the “Girls Rock ! Seattle” Summer Camp 2010 Showcase at Neumos. It was overwhelming to be in there, the room was packed with Young Girls ages 8 –16 and their fans of all ages (mostly female). It struck me as I stood there, that when I was August’s age (9), I was not encouraged to pursue this style of music, nor the instruments that come along with it. In 1969 I wanted to play the Drums and was told girls don’t play drums, that it was un lady like, the response was no better when I suggested the Electric Guitar. I was lucky enough to get a guitar and a songbook but that was as far as that encouraged went and I lost interest being in an isolated creative void, I never got past playing “Yellow Bird” and “ Mellow Yellow”. So needles to say I was moved to the core today to see so many young ladies being supported and so lovingly encouraged in their musical pursuits. I can’t wait to see what this generation of young rockers will bring us in the future…

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