Our Lady J

“Gospel for The Godless”

OUR LADY J’s “Gospel for The Godless” is a musical celebration of original music, penned by the Lady herself. Inspired by traditional Gospel music services, this show is anything but traditional: Our Lady J promises to deliver a new testament of post-religious gospel music with a rousing set that promises to deliver you from your woes, sans the usual dogmatic baggage. A self-proclaimed transexual spiritualist, Our Lady J is
revitalizing the genre one song at a time, while remaining true to what gospel music was intended to be- powerful, uplifting music for
all of humankind.

Testimonials from the congregation:

“Stunning!” – New York Magazine

“A fierce diva!”Perez Hilton

“ Virtuosic! Our Lady J is a big, brassy blond, with an abiding love of gospel… Don’t dismiss Our Lady J as a transgender novelty act! The critics’ favorite bowls the audience over with her gospel stylings and pianistic skills.”Time Out New York

“Powerful! Our Lady J knows how to rock the house. She will have you singing her praises long after the show is over.”The Village Voice

“The sultry vocals of Our Lady J are a regular presence on the New York City and London underground music scenes. From beautifully arranged covers of songs by Dolly Parton, Nine Inch Nails, and Alanis Morissette, to stellar, sometimes haunting, self-composed works, the transgender sensation is truly genre-bending.”Joseph Hassan, OUT.com

“Divine. A dazzling affair of seductive songs. Fabulous.”Next Magazine

“Our Lady J is a monster musician and a great soul.  A great huge heart with a great talent. I must confess: she knocked me out.  I adore her.” Diamanda Galas