“My Mid Century Modern Celebration Cabaret”

Come join in the fun as the Madcap International Bohemian Jet Set gather at The Triple Door to toast a half century of an epic life that has been lived to the hilt! A run amuck wild cabaret filled with Acrobats, Aerialists, Avant Guard muckety mucks, Burlesquers, “Dance Troupes”, Glamour Girls, Jugglers, and Wacky Performance Artists ( inhale here), that will be talked about in AA, NA,SA and ALONON meetings for years to come!

Starring !!!

Julie Atlas Muz – NYC- “Muz takes the aesthetic of burlesque and applies it to high art to create a dark fantasy of innocence and corruption. The movement is alternately playful and sexual, and the sex is alternately pure and prurient.” –Culturebot.org

Fancy Chance “Miss Alternative Universe 2009″- London

Scotty The Blue Bunny – The World at Large

Miss Astrid- Switzerland- “the true weimar fraulein” – Mel Gordon, author of Voluptuous Panic , “Enough attitude to sink the Bismark”- San Jose Mercury News

NANDA- Portland- “The Nanda boys do things I always wanted the Karamozovs to do, but couldn’t hire the talent… …Go, Nanda! Banzai!” -Howard Patterson,The Flying Karamozov Brothers

Ernie Von Schmaltz

Cherdonna and Lou

Catherine D’Lish- There’s a reason for her last name……

Lily Verlaine- The Living Breathing Work of Art

Miss Indigo Blue- Seattle’s Sapphic Sweetheart

Poppy Daze of The Aerialistas

Queen Shmooquan- ” She is Genius” – Stone Gossard

Waxie Moon

Stella Rose-  Le Pick up Artiste

DOOR  at  6:00PM

SHOW at 8:00PM