What a stellar night it was last night. This little Fishing Village was hopping with activities to the point there were two other events I cold not fit in on my dance card.
I chose to spend my evening at The Moore watching the ethereally gorgeous talent of Anthony and The Johnsons with Johanna Constantine opening up the night with some lovely stark and bold Method A Go-Go. Johanna in her wild and demented avant guard burlesque gothic ways transformed from and angel, to a bird of prey, to a one of the 4 horses of the apocalypse, quite possibly an amalgam of all four.

My friend Jared and I drank in Anthony and shed a few tears as we listened to this amazing voice of pure emotion. At one point it stuck me that he is our Joni Mitchell. The musicality was tremendous and Anthony’s humor is gentle and intelligent.
He sang Beyonce’s “Crazy Love” and it was fabulous, but some ass in the audience had to yell out after this loving homage ” Fuck Beyonce!!!!” and Anthony very gently and firmly through existential conflict resolution retorted in a poetic fashion by speaking of gratitude appreciation and love. The ass finally got it 10 minutes later and apologized. I smiled a secret smile as I knew there would be more Beyonce in the night and that Jared would love it. We went as said our “Hello’s” after the show at a very odd after party in the dank and cave like crypt of a basement with the most absurd ramp ways for a lady in four inches heels and Jared hit his head on the ducting on our way out. Why not use the nice bar in the basement for an affair like that, and keep serving drinks why don’t ya?

We stumbled out the alley door and drove up to The Century Ballroom in hopes of catching Waxie Moon with Inga Ingenue and Lou Henry Hoover who were performing at The 12th Anniversary Gala and grande opening of The Tin Table.

Now I know there has been a lot of politics surrounding the purchase of this building and the tenants who have had to leave, but I have to say that the renovations are wonderful to see and in the interest of preserving architecture I have to support the change. The Odd Fellows Hall was a buzz with activity from the ground floor up. It was so exciting to see so mush diversity amongst the guests at the party. My daughter promptly found me and informed Jared and I that she had been groped by a dance partner and was trying to hide from this “ahem” gentleman. Be warned I toss a mean punch people and am not always a gentle lady. We went into the ballroom and My private joke was announced and out came Waxie Moon with Inga Ingenue ad Lou Henry Hoover doing Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and proceeded to shred the scenery. People were screaming and simply besides themselves and how could they help themselves? With that combo of talent I’m surprised the audience kept their clothes on! I have been saying it all week and I am just more convinced than ever that Seattle is the place to be right now. It has the energy of NYC in the 80’s when it was still fun and not an overly jaded lifestyle boutique for the rich . Sorry New York but it is how I feel. I am grateful to be here. Johanna and I spoke a little about that after her show, she had to move to Philadelphia to get space to be the artist that she is, the artists are now starting to leave Brooklyn because they can’t afford to be there any longer but this is a whole other topic.

Tin Table food was yummy!