Wow what an amazing 72 hours of performance and it is only the 14th of March and there are 2 more shows that haven’t even opened yet.

It is that moist time of year here in the Little Fishing Village otherwise known as Seattle, that for the last 6 years has inspired the yearly Moisture Festival of which I have been a participant of for 5. It is also the annual pilgrimage of Trixie Little and The Evil Hate Monkey to the PNW that had become the beacon of light at the end of that long grey tunnel announcing the that spring is truly on it’s way.

Wednesday was the opening night Gala for The MF at ACT and it was packed, the audience was eager and LOUD, we (Trixie, The Monkey, Kalita, and Lily Verlaine) were fashionably a little ..too late so we missed the first 40 minutes of the show but once we got in our seats, were delighted by Godfrey, The Bobs, Sally Pepper on a Cloud Swing, The Valone Sisters working the Lyra, and yes of course the astounding NANDA debuted a new act , who never fail to bring down the house and break every heart simultaneously. The after party couldn’t help but feel like a family reunion and love fest.

Thursday night was the kick off of Burlesque shows titled “Libertease Burlesque” which were censored out of Hales Brewery after our debut into the festival 5 years ago and why I can honestly say I was “Banned in Ballard” and as The Swedish Housewife I find that highly entertaining . As I know just about every act that was in this show I had to go back even though I should have stayed home and worked on my acts for The MF and “Through the Looking Glass” that opens March 24 at The Triple Door, I’m the Mad Hatter!

Any way the show opened with The Moistettes a bevy of hot broads working boas and bumping away beautifully, Sydni Deveraux performed her beautiful “Obama Act” that brings tears to my eyes every time I see it. Sydni has grown so much as a performer over the last year, clearly she has been working hard on her stage skills and the crowd definitely appreciated these efforts and rightly adored her. Lily Verlaine was the definition of SEXY HOTTNESS and had every man and woman sweating under the collar in her rendition of Summer Time, Trixie Little and The Evil Hate Monkey performed a double-double trapeze act that was fantastic, pompous, and excellently executed!!!!!! As Kalita was shaking her moneymaker a voice from behind commenting on her behind was heard saying “Oh Please, Don’t Stop !!!!” The Bellini Twins were out of control hilarious.

God this show was great!!! And I’m not even half way through this astoundingly fabulous line up! Yikes!!!! SO not for lack of their amazingness but a desire to keep this short everyone was fantastic and at their best and I have Civic and Community Pride written up one side and down the other. Miss Indigo Blue shined with her “ Triple Fan Dance” coy, smart, teasing, classic and clever, The Aerialistas count em 10, Yes 10 hot sassy lassies all on stage at one time, seducing the ropes and creating a Cloud Swing in a most imaginative and un imaginable way, and Hell Ya! Waxie Moon dishing out “American Woman”, I really could go on and on and on and Oh yes NANDA….. There really is a reason why they use all capital letter for their name… sigh…… Across the boards The Swedish Housewife vote is in: Production Values 10, Costuming 10, Quality of Performances 10!
This is REALLY the Hottest Show in Town !GO SEE IT !!!!!!!!!!

Friday night I went to see Dina Martina’s “Cherished Chestnuts” at Re Bar now extended till April 25th and there is a reason why. I was God Smacked, Dumfounded and have sore stomach muscles from this romp down memory lane of the demented and brilliant mind of Grady West, who is currently up for the GLAAD Award- OUTSTANDING NEW YORK THEATER: OFF OFF BROADWAY and in very good company I would like to add, Joey Arias and Basil Twist for Aria’s with a Twist” Justin Bond (who I am bringing to Seattle March 29 to The Triple Door) for Lustre a Midwinter Trans-Fest , Dina Martina: Off the Charts!. I am only mentioning these three nominees as I have worked with all of them!!!

After the show I had a quick Ethiopian dinner at Habesha right around the corner from Re-Bar and it is YUMMY!!!!! Go there the food is great, the ambiance is nice, I liked the music, the crowd was sassy, only odd thing was trying to discourage the waiter from putting the cork back into the bottle after it was opened, maybe it’s a cultural thing?

Back to ACT I went for my evening fill of fanastico! I caught the end of the show and once again Fabulous!!! Fuchsia FOXXX Hotness, Ben De La Creme dishing out old school Burlesque as “Eve” and her temptations, The Heavenly Spies in a fantastic dance act with Ultra, and Boy Oh Boy !!!is it nice to see Bell Cozette on stage again!!!

There are only two more burlesque shows left in this season of the Moisture Festival so beat it on down to ACT at 7th and Union and get yourself a seat for the Hottest Show in town!!!!!