I am so excited for this show next week, and I sure hope you can make it as we stumble down memory lane at The Triple Door next week.

This was an interesting show to book as I cast a big net by sending out e-mails to most of the performers I have worked with over the last 21 years. There have been several incarnations of the show you will see next week, many of the acts I pursued were not available for this date as they are out touring around the planet, or had planned a much needed vacation, or had family emergencies and had to cancel, but I am most satisfied with how it all came together.

You will be the first audience to see El Vez’s work in progress “A Tribute To John Sex”.
He is in the midsts of developing a full length one man show about the Boylesque 80’s Icon John Sex, Sex was the first show I produced as The Swedish Housewife in 1987, at The Vogue on 1st Avenue.

Miss Astrid and I decided that the show should be run in chronological order and I think you will see that I have a pretty distinct esthetic that I am consistently attracted to. I see many parallels in my programing over the years and hope that the performers will see who there counter parts are, and that the newer ones will see how they are a continuum of those esthetics.

I must confess that when I book a show I am very selfish and book what thrills me. Granted I have a very diverse appetite.
I really appreciate that Dina Martina is willing to come all they way back to Seattle from her summer retreat in Provincetown to be part of this one night folly. It is rare that one gets to see her in a collective show these days, as we are so used to seeing her in her one woman extravaganzas that have literally been thrilling the world. She was quite the hit in London this spring.

For a little fishing village… Seattle has so many amazing performers and I am delighted to have the opportunity to provide a whole new crop of talented Northwest acts the pleasure of being on The Triple Door stage.

Please come out to support the reasons I get out of bed in the morning, El Vez as John Sex with Miss Indigo Blue, Kathleen Hunt and Triadic Breast, Dina Martina, Armitage Shanks reads Steven Jesse Bernstein, Lily Verlaine, Ernie Von Schmaltz, The Naked Folk Singer, Waxie Moon, Queen Shmooquan, Iva Handful with Ultra and Nanda!

JUNE 25th, The Triple Door, Seattle 7:30 PM.
Tickets: $20 pre sale / $25 day of show
call 206-838-4333 to purchase or go to The Triple Door box office at 216 Union Street

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