Yes, Adam moved on in August and I am still in deep grief over his absence and now another profound loss Mister Brown. I blew my knee out at one of Adam’s dance parties at Sapphire in the Fall of 01, getting down to “Super Bad” at 5 AM a little too lubricated, but not lubricated enough for my knee tendons to tolerate the stress I placed on them trying to getting down like “The God Father of Soul” Mister Brown. I guess some things should be left to the professionals . Adam had a good laugh at me, as he should have, but the knee suffered for quite a few months, a cane, loads of ibuprofen and frozen peas were my new companions.

I did have the privilege to see Mister Brown perform on an Easter Sunday in Dallas Texas, in 82, at a little club in near area I think is called Shady Lane, with about 20 or 40 other people. After seeing him in such an intimate setting I chose not to see him again live, as it was so special to have been in that room with him feeling like I was at a private party, and what a party it was.

I just got off line looking at Mister Brown’s Golden casket and the tremendous showing of love he received at The Apollo Theater. I know Adam would have adored Mister Brown’s showy departure so befitting of the “Hardest Working Man in Show Business” and “The God Father of Soul” That “Dance Party” in the great beyond is only getting better!