I had a lovely late summer walk with my dog today by Lake Washington at Seward Park. We here in Seattle are very fortunate to have so many beautiful public parks; this one was designed by The Olmstead Brother who also created Central Park and Prospect Park in Brooklyn. If it werent for my pesky but loveable dog I probably would not get out on these urban adventures as frequently, but as she requires a “Grand Marche” at least once a day, we are quite intimate with the parks available to us. I wish I could take her to Haga, which is located on the border of the city of Stockholm. I LOVE it there, but any way I have wandered off my topic here…. Or should I say path?

As we walked along the lake, watching people swimming and boating, I hear the bald eagles in the trees, I smelt the faint smell of black berries, dried pine, and cool in the air, always a sign that summer is winding down. I do love how the light of the sun has softened and that its rays wash the world in a mellow golden cast. Soon we will be wearing sweaters and rain boots for these walks but that has a different appeal all together.

I love these last days of summer.