Wow! Two and a half weeks ago I had more energy than some twenty year old male hopped up on Red Bull and testosterone, and for the last week I have been sick sick sick sick and I am sick sick sick sick of it!

I had to cancel my participation in my weekly show at The Pink Door this last Saturday and beg off of attending Teatro Zin Zani with my friend Robert, Dina Martina at The Rendezvous with Blake, Big Wheel Bingo at Re-Bar, and Genderlicous, just to name a few. I did manage to lay in my living room and watch “Battle Star Galactic” season one and first half of season two, and Camille. How I love Greta!

So, the scary part is that I am making my singing debut with Orchestra La Pow! tomorrow night and I have a head and chest cold. Yikes!!!! I need some Divine Intervention on this one. Please!

The show should be a lot of fun! The band is sounding great and needless to say Miss Indigo Blue, Babette La Fave, Lily Verlaine and Ruby Slipper, will turn it out. Kaleb will be making a cameo as will our dear friend Ben Ireland.

In the mean time between sleeping for hours and hours and hours, I made an appearance on Sex Life Live last Tuesday night, and have been working on producing Seattle’s first Burlesque Social April 4th, The Big Exotic World Fundraiser April 5th, The Exotic World Friday Night Meet and Greet May 26th, The Exotic World Pageant May 27th, booked The Pink Door through the end of May. This is a week off sick at home. Oh, I did slip out of the house for a band practice twice. I must be nuts!

Well, that is it for my public bitch session.
Hope to see you soon!

Love and Germs- The Swedish Housewife

And while It REALLY PISSES me off that I have become the garbage bin for every pill pushing marketer on the Internet in the comment area of my blog! I want kick backs on your sales or at least some fucking drugs so I feel better!