As I mentioned before this is a very beautiful city, it has certain coziness about it. Very gentle on the eyes and the scale is very human, one does not feel dwarfed here by high rise buildings, it is a kind and calming milieu, even the fire trucks, ambulances, and police car sirens are set at a very soft but function level, even the subway is quite! Anyone who has spent anytime in NYC can attest to the screeching assaulting sounds of the underground, here it is very quite and calm. The busses are ergonomic, you need only lift your foot an inch to step on and off the bus, it actually kneel towards the curb.

So the question is why are the Swedes so pushy and impatient?

I don’t get it! They short circuit standing online and have to cut in front of you if they feel you are not moving fast enough to their liking. I am not a dawdler! They talk during movies and bump into on the sidewalk!!

Swedes also love a good bargain, they are the thriftiest of people and they use and save every scrap of food imaginable.


When walking around town it is more common to see young fathers with their children than young mothers.

I have seen approximately 3 Scarlet Johansson look a likes per day and one Paris Hilton. Many people here look like they eat too many potatoes and white food (which they do).

I find the Swedes to be racists.

Sweden is no longer the Naive Country it has been. Burglaries and armed robberys are commonplace as is rape. Rape is attributed to “outlanders” who culturally want their women to be virgins when married and as Swedish women are not sexually repressed they can be used against their own will for sex.

Most young people her want to be “cool” and have adopted some of the dumber fashion statements I have seen come out of America- like baggy pants that look like you took a dump in them.

Swedes love Tapas and Sushi you see at least three variations of these style restaurants per two square blocks.

I am slowly going MAD from the lack of daylight and the white and brown food. I have two nights left and I am ready to go. I feel as if I never wake up and it feels like the middle of the night starting at 4PM until you go to bed.