Dear Diary,

Go See Dina Martina’s Holiday show NOW!

Because it is the best Holiday entertainment available, boy will she get your mind off of anything!

This last Friday I went to see Dina Martina’s Christmas Show with a friend of mine (who I would like to add, I find very alluring). I love bringing the uninitiated to their first “experience”, and peeking out of the corner of my eye to see how they are taking it, she is a great Litmus Test when in the process of getting to know someone a little bit better. But it is always difficult to define Dina when trying to enroll them to join you for one of her events. I mean what do you really say when describing the phenomenon we have all grown to love and follow like a cult since 1989?

This years Holiday show is painful to the stomach muscles as they tend to cramp when forced to laugh for extended periods of time. Dina is in full form in more ways than one and the show is out of the box and off the page, a peephole into that demented altered universe, of the mind-boggling world of Dina’s reality. Kind of like one of those scary but exciting LSD trips, but with out the tracers, well kind of, and ends after two hours not 18.

I always marvel at how such a mild mannered person out of character can be come so terrify when in full form, especially when looming over you with microphone in hand, as you get the up close and personal view of Dina’s maquillage techniques and slightly surreal lips, and is it her slightly manic gaze that raises sheer terror in my heart? Or is it her bizarre earnestness directed right at me? You really never know what is going to come out of her mouth next, and sitting in the aisle is not recommended for the fain of heart.

There are many fun surprises in this show and I am not letting any cats out of this bag, as you really just need to go experience it for yourself. Go to your telephone NOW dial this number in Seattle 206-448-8464 shows run from 11/25 -12/31 at Re Bar. In New York City, for two nights only – Monday 12/5 & Tuesday 12/6 at The Cutting Room (19 West 24th Street). Tickets are now available through and make a reservation before it is too late and all booked up!!! It would be the saddest Holiday ever because you would be out in the cold not knowing what you missed!!!

Oh, and I had a fabulous time and am ready for a brand new initiation experience.