This past summer I had the great pleasure of bumping into Amber Topaz at the opening night of The Rah Rah Room in London. The last time I had seen her was backstage at Krave, in Las Vegas when I was producing the Miss Exotic World Pageant in 2007, where she was competing for Miss Exotic World. It was such fun to see this dazzling energetic lady on the stage again.


When did you start in Burlesque?
Officially May 2005 I performed at ‘Hip Hip’ produced by ‘The Whoopee Club’ in London and won a place on their agency.
Though I was being encouraged to embark on a Burlesque career quite sometime by Vintage Photographer ‘Neil Kendell’
who I was pin-up modelling for from late 2001.


Who inspired or inspires you Burlesque ?
As a professional musical theatre actress I have always loved singing, dancing & making people laugh. I’m always inspired by music that make my soul sing. Something ignites in me to create an act. I am very influences by hollywood interpretations of musicals. The film Cabaret. Cyd Charisse & Ann Miller as dancers. Bob Fosse’s choreography. Live Theatre like The Lido & The Crazy Horse in Paris. Anything fabulous, quirky & glamorous. I love creating costumes, it’s all part of the development of an act. Burlesque & Cabaret gives you the freedom to express yourself through costume and performance like nothing else. The first year I attended & performed at ‘The Burlesque Hall of Fame’ in Vegas 2006
nearly blow my mind with all the weird and wonderful, innovative performances.


What have you contributed to Burlesque ?
I always give my all when I perform so I have literally contributed myself whole heartedly and dedicated the the last 11 years to my career in burlesque & cabaret. As a result I have headlined shows in over 20 countries and many more towns and cities who had never experienced burlesque. Including Marrakech, Belarus, Lithuanian, Latvia & Kaliningrad to name but a few. Even the highlands of Scotland in the middle of nowhere. Therefore taking Burlesque to the people.


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Where comedy meets the wild shimmy of ecstasy and explodes out of your being in a supernova (A rare celestial phenomenon involving the explosion of a star and resulting in an extremely bright, short-lived object that emits vast amounts of energy) of ‘Joie De Vivre’.


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Amber Easter Blue Feather Jpeg

Photo by Thomas Grady